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Re: When do we update the homepage to a modern design? (was Re: Moving away from (unsupportable) FusionForge on Alioth)

Le 15/05/2017 13:42, Hans a écrit :

just a suggestion/idea. IMO it might be a good idea and advertisement to debian, if people could see on the website, that debian is one of the most used linuces in the world. It should also be strong pointed to, that debian is the source of ubuntu. You may also point to, that debian is running (as my
actual knowledge) on most servers in the web.

Maybe other things, that people do not know yet, which show the power of debian, should be mentioned (I think of biggest community, best documentation,
best tested software and all the things, that make debian so famous).

The website should proudly express all the goodness of debian, there are so many, that the site is not showing at the moment. Make eyecatchers, that
people want to know more about it! It is it worth!


Stéphane Aulery