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Re: When do we update the homepage to a modern design? (was Re: Moving away from (unsupportable) FusionForge on Alioth)

On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 6:54 PM, Medical Wei wrote:

> I think we need to start having a catchphrase


$ curl -s https://www.debian.org/ | grep '<title>'
  <title>Debian -- The Universal Operating System </title>

> What I know is that we have revised our design but that is not attractive
> enough.

We revised our visual design, but our content remains the same.

> (I did lxde.org from old.lxde.org but I don't know if that seems
> "attractive".)

TBH if I was confronted with the new LXDE web design with CSS turned
on, I would probably just close the page. The old page is way more
informative and less heavy on the marketing.