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Re: Moving away from (unsupportable) FusionForge on Alioth?

On Sun, May 14, 2017 at 10:49:34AM -0700, Sean Whitton wrote:
> Alitoh is 90% simple git hosting, 5% managing push access to git repos,
> and 5% mailing lists. 

I think you are forgetting about the other 90% of the work here…

And that is a really huge task, I'm wondering whether actually a GR might be
a useful tool for this:

 [1] Yes, we should shutdown (cvs|svn|git|bzr|$some_more|$actually_a_lot_project_pages|lists).alioth.debian.org 
     and many many cronjobs on 2018-12-31 and make it readonly on 2018-05-31
     (=end of wheezy LTS).
 [2] further discussion.

If we had this GR in say, a month, projects would have almost a year to migrate
their stuff away nicely, and 18 months to do it a bit more painfully.

And it would give the current alioth maintainer(s?) moral support to do what
technically seems somewhat unavoidable…

The difficulty I here see in wording of the GR, which should not become
bikeshedding, eg. I would leave out such details like how to deal with existing

My idea with the GR is to give the alioth maintainers moral support
to shutdown this system, which served us well for so long, now & properly.

Maybe a mailinglist discussion is sufficient for this too ;-)

(All this assuming upgrading it is *really* a hopeless task… somewhat I dont
think it is, eg I guess one could put the app into a container and upgrade the
host to jessie and then stretch… but I would really love a clean restart too.
Having a git repo for every Debian package by default and design would
be lovely, despite git is broken because of sha1, yada yada yada.)

I somewhat got distracted from writing a short answer about how some other 90%
are missing in the above "simple description". Guess it's way more complicated
after all… so, thanks to all past and current alioth maintainers, I'd like my 
bikeshed blue & new & shiny. ;-)


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