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Bug#862311: ITP: hfi1-firmware -- non-free firmware for Intel Omni-Path hfi1 fabric interface

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: "Brian T. Smith" <bsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : hfi1-firmware
  Version         : 0.9-46
  Upstream Author : 01org <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* URL             : https://github.com/01org/opa-firmware
* License         : Proprietary, non-free
  Programming Lang: none, binary
  Description     : non-free firmware for Intel Omni-Path hfi1 fabric interface

Debian stretch, kernel 4.9.0-2-amd64 includes the hfi1 module that provides
kernel-space ibverbs access to Omni-Path hardware for network communications.
However, the hfi1 module requires non-free firmware in order for the module to
properly initialize.

This package will provide the required firmware for hfi1 hardware. The upstream
URL contains many firmware images. The only binaries that will be installed by
this package are:

  * hfi1_dc8051.fw
  * hfi1_fabric.fw
  * hfi1_pcie.fw
  * hfi1_platform.dat
  * hfi1_sbus.fw

I have been maintaining the Intel Fabric Suite for Omni-Path on Debian for
the past year as an employee of System Fabric Works (SFW). SFW has adequate
hardware and resources to test and maintain this package.