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Bug#862247: RFP: JoclyBoard -- A collection of atm 96 various boardgames.

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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   Package name: JoclyBoard
        Version: 0.9.5
Upstream Author: [Michel Gutierrez ]
            URL: [https://github.com/mi-g/joclyboard/releases
                  /tag/v0.9.5, https://github.com/mi-g]
        License: [AGPL 3.0]

JoclyBoard is a collection of at the moment 96 various
boardgames, including variants of chess, variants of draughts/checkers, variants of reversi/othello and many more.

JoclyBoard has the following features:

    Multi-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
    mouse-controlled 3D game user interface
    2D user interface available
    fully resizeable game windows
    anaglyph view available: red/cyan stereo vision
    embedded artificial intelligence for all games
    connecting to game engines via protocols UCI, CECP, HUB and DXP
    navigation through played moves
    import/export standard book in PGN and PDN format
    import/export board position in FEN format
    clocked games
    rules available for every game
    multi-windows: any number of games can be launched simultaneously
templating: ability to save and reuse view options / players / clock mode
    command line interface to launch directly games in given configuration

It is available as amd64.deb and i386.deb as well.

Copyrights is AGPL 3.0

I think it would perfectly fit into the distribution and find a lot of people using it within debian.


Andreas Hausmann