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Re: Bug#857394: libgegl-dev: contains duplicate copy of openCL library files

On Wed, 12 Apr 2017 23:51:03 +0200
"Matteo F. Vescovi" <mfv@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> /usr/include/gegl-0.3/opencl/gegl-cl-color.h
>> /usr/include/gegl-0.3/opencl/gegl-cl.h
>> /usr/include/gegl-0.3/opencl/gegl-cl-init.h
>> /usr/include/gegl-0.3/opencl/gegl-cl-random.h
>> /usr/include/gegl-0.3/opencl/gegl-cl-types.h  
> What about these?

What about them?

I just pasted in the output of the "dpkg -L libgegl-dev" command. I
didn't claim that ALL the header files in that directory were duplicates
of those in the <opencl-c-headers> package. Those are the only ones that
> They're not provided by the Debian package and I'm not going to try a
> 'merge-on-the-fly' on headers to save a bunch of kilobytes. Sorry.

Saving a bunch of kilobytes is really not the issue, as I suggested when
I said "isn't that a Policy violation?". Here's a relevant quote:

    * No inclusion of third party code *

    Please do not include other code (like libraries) or data that are
    also shipped separately inside your source archive, or if you do,
    please make sure they can be reliably ignored. Instead of shipping
    third party libraries you should rather make sure your program will
    be link nicely against recent versions of these libraries. If a
    security issue is found in one of the bundled packages, it is far
    easier for the package maintainers or the Security Team to patch and
    rebuild one package than to scan the entire archive for all copies
    of this code and patch them individually (this happened for zlib,
    for example). It's also preferable for the end users to receive an
    update for just one package (e.g. OpenSSL) rather than a large
    number of applications.


>> The included version of openCL seems to be many years out of date:
>> $ diff -u /usr/include/{gegl-0.3/opencl,CL}/opencl.h
>> --- /usr/include/gegl-0.3/opencl/opencl.h	2016-06-26 05:02:45.000000000 -0700
>> +++ /usr/include/CL/opencl.h	2016-06-14 08:44:21.000000000 -0700
>> @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
>>  /*******************************************************************************
>> - * Copyright (c) 2008-2010 The Khronos Group Inc.
>> + * Copyright (c) 2008-2015 The Khronos Group Inc.  
> Impressed. ;)

Here's another relevant quote:

    If your software depends on other libraries, then Debian also needs
    to make sure that your software compiles and works with the version
    of these libraries available in Debian. Debian may compile your
    software against a different version of some library than you do.
    Therefore it's not of any help for Debian if you include convenience
    copies of these dependencies in your source tarball.


>> It appears that there may also be another independent library, under
>> the /usr/include/gegl-0.3/npd/ directory.
> I asked upstream about this and I got no consistent reply. So it'll
> keep its position.

This seems to be a sub-project of GEGL:


If it's not packaged independently, then the considerations above may
not apply.

However, they most certainly do apply to openCL.

-- Ian Bruce