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Re: "Ask HN: What do you want to see in Ubuntu 17.10?"

On Apr 08 2017, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> - Airplane-mode Hotkey (especially hard apparently)
>> - Volume Hotkeys
>> - Brightness Hotkeys
>> - Suspend/hibernate hotkeys
> These are all implemented by ACPI on modern hardware. You need to have
> something that turns the ACPI events into something useful.
> If you have acpid installed, it usually turns the ACPI events into X11
> key events,

The "usually" is the problem :-).

>> - Hot-plug of external monitor
> Haven't gotten that to do anything useful, but then I also don't want it
> to (I just run xrander and tell it what I want changed).

That's what I mean. But again, xrandr doesn't always see a monitor when
you plug it in. And at the moment my X11 crashes when I unplug the
HDMI connection without first explicitly turning it off.


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