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Re: "Ask HN: What do you want to see in Ubuntu 17.10?"

On Thu, 2017-04-06 at 09:22 +1000, Russell Stuart wrote:
> Anyway, this discussion prompted me to get off my bum and look at why
> unattended-upgrades wasn't working.  Turns out the default install
> has "label=Debian-Security", and all these laptops are running
> testing.  I guess the assumption that people running testing have the
> wherewithal to configure their machines properly isn't unreasonable.

And ... that wasn't the full story.  The full story is when you install
unattended-upgrades it defaults to "off", or more precisely this
debconf setting default to "false":


This sort of thing drives me insane.  Unattended-upgrades doesn't do
anything if you don't set this to true, and why would you install it if
you didn't want it to run?  I guess it must be because some packages
depend on it, and maybe they run it themselves rather than relying on
anacron.  If that's the reason the solution is to split into two
packages, maybe "unattended-upgrades" which does do what it says on the
box and "unattended-upgrades-common" witch other packages can depend on

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