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Re: "Ask HN: What do you want to see in Ubuntu 17.10?"

Nikolaus Rath dijo [Wed, Apr 05, 2017 at 03:18:57PM -0700]:
> >> I have a very different perception
> >
> > Me too.  I guess it depends very much on whether one can afford to buy
> > a good laptop which works well with Linux.
> I think there's a pre-requisite that's much harder for a lot of people:
> finding out what laptop works well with Linux. This is the stage where I
> have repeatedly failed - the differences in model numbers are just too
> tiny and subtle, and typically things that work well are no longer sold
> commercially.

FWIW it's been a long time since I had any problems in this regard,
and I'm surprised it's still an issue among knowledgeable people by

My last two laptops (bought in 2009 and 2013, IIRC) have been of the
Acer Aspire One range. Both, bought at a supermarket, for around
US$300. Both worked completely flawlessly since day one; I admit to
having b0rked several things (power management included) due to my
configurations, but I'm now used to it "just working" - I last
clean-reinstalled this computer maybe two years ago, and I just push
the lid down, it always suspends properly.