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Re: Fwd: can anyone review diaspora-installer?

 ❦  6 avril 2017 18:20 +1000, Brian May <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> :

>> Sharing with wider debian community, hoping to get some support.
>> Current version in unstable does not have any RC bugs, but recent
>> changes in the package made release managers not happy with the quality
>> of the package and it was removed from testing. Now their justification
>> to not accept unblock request is lack of time to review it before
>> stretch release.
> postrm has: 
> id -u diaspora && userdel -r diaspora 

Moreover, this is not the right way to handle system users. Just use:

  deluser --system diaspora

No need to test if the user already exists.

adduser.sh does things better but tries to be smart and hard-code the
fact that FIRST_UID is 1000, while it can be anything else. Better just
rely on adduser output for the warning.
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