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Laptop reboot and suspend

Florian Lohoff [2017-04-05 07:55:29+02] wrote:

> I have a very different perception - It is so rare that i reboot my
> notebook which travels with me all day that everytime i do i have
> troubles remembering the 30+ character Luks passphrase. I
> suspend/resume multiple times a day and thats my current uptime:
>  07:49:26 up 22 days, 20:04,  4 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.05, 0.17

That also means that you have had your encrypted LUKS partitions open
for almost 23 days. My laptop's (Apple Macbook Air) suspend-resume works
well with Debian 8 but I shut it down when traveling through risky
places because I want to have my data encrypted (can't use gpg
separately for all valuable data).

I suggest posting follow-ups to debian-user list (Cc'd) and dropping

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