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Re: "Ask HN: What do you want to see in Ubuntu 17.10?"

On Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 4:47 AM, Sean Whitton wrote:

> Do you know if anyone is working on including this in the default
> desktop install?  If it works well, it seems like an uncontroversial
> inclusion that does not depend on the debate over unattended-upgrades.
> I don't know which package would need to be changed, so I'm not sure
> where to look for an existing wishlist bug.

Not AFAIK. I would guess that needrestart would need to be promoted to
standard priority and needrestart-session would need to be added to
tasksel's task-desktop package, or to each of the task-*-desktop
packages; this adds wxWidgets to the default install though. The
latter would allow different desktops to add different
implementations, for example if someone wrote a GNOME Shell extension
to highlight windows of applications that need restarting.

One important downside of needrestart/needrestart-session/systemd is
that it can't automatically restart systemd user services and root
systemctl can't restart user services, even via su/sudo and
needrestart-session doesn't restart them AFAIK. I guess this should be
fixed by needrestart-session doing restarts (or stops for
RefuseManualStart=true) of user services when requested to start via
the dbus call, plus adding a restart/stop button for processes
corresponding to user services.

Another downside of needrestart is that a lot of stuff doesn't support
being restarted sanely, like dbus, display managers, networking stuff,
/etc/rc.local, etc. There is a blacklist for that but it doesn't yet
include rc.local (#852864):