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Re: "Ask HN: What do you want to see in Ubuntu 17.10?"

On 03.04.2017 07:52, Vincent Bernat wrote:
>  ❦  3 avril 2017 10:10 +1000, Russell Stuart <russell-debian@xxxxxxxxxxxx> :
>> The first is better HDPI handling.  This will require Wayland as X11
>> simply can't handle connecting to monitors with wildly different DPI
>> settings.
> The current limitation is in the toolkits. X11 is quite able to
> advertise different DPI per output through XSETTINGS. GTK is able to
> grab Xft/DPI and use it for scaling (even for non-font stuff, though it
> will prefer to use Gdk/UnscaledDPI if available). GTK will watch the
> value and update the application if it changes. Applications can also
> subscribe to notifications for this value.
> While XSETTINGS can handle several screens, GTK only tracks one settings
> window and doesn't handle applications switching from one screen to
> another.
> Also, Ubuntu is now defaulting to Mir and the story doesn't seem better
> here since people are still requesting a better HiDPI support. I suppose
> that if support was implemented for Mir, it should be possible to make
> it work with X11 as well.

Mir is not used by default on Ubuntu desktop, not yet anyway.

Unity7 does support HiDPI scaling and defaults to scale factor 2.0 on
this 3200x1800 laptop, while I personally prefer to change it to 1.5..