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Re: sane chromium default flags - include --enable-remote-extensions

On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 04:43:29PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > > Do we know why this is ?  Is this an unintended side effect of some
> > > other change ?  Has someone done this deliberately and if so have they
> > > explained what they were trying to achieve ?
> > > 
> > > I can see that the behaviour you describe would be very annoying.
> >
> > When updating extensions is disabled, it is a "good" thing that you cannot
> > install them and use installed ones.
> > That's what the original bug was about.
> I'm not sure I have parsed your reply correctly, so let me repeat back
> what I think you are saying:
>   Since online updates to non-Debian-packaged extensions are disabled,
>   it is necessary to prevent installation or use of
>   non-Debian-packaged extensions at all: otherwise, users would be
>   running extensions without security updates.
#841401 is more or less this:
- my extensions cannot be updated
- that's to address some of the concern about unrequested network
- if you disable updating extensions then you should disable installing
  them too as the current situation is stupid
- done

> Well, the reasoning is sound, but this does not seem like a desirable
> situation.
That's true. That's why the usual reaction to #841401 outcome is "huh?".

> Can we not make the updates work for non-Debian-packaged extensions,
> while disabling them for Debian-packaged ones ?
> If we did that then there would no need to disable people's
> extensions.
I guess the real question is "why updating extensions was disabled in the
first place". If chromium phones home only when non-packaged extensions
are actually installed then it doesn't happen until the user installs
them. I'm sure there are people who would forbid the users from doing that


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