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Re: Bug#856033: ITP: brailleimg -- produce text images and graphs abusing Braille glyphs


Adam Borowski, on ven. 24 févr. 2017 15:44:38 +0100, wrote:
> Yeah, it is.  There is one problem, though -- even if you install the extra
> docs,
>   zgrep -i ubrl `dpkg -L imagemagick-6{.q16,-common,-doc}`
> shows a wee bit too little for my taste.

Indeed, apparently I forgot to add documentation. I have submitted
patch, thanks.

> I wonder about the histogram tool.

Actually I was thinking that it could be part of gnuplot (it has "set
terminal dumb", but it could have a "set terminal braille"), but a very
simple script that emits histograms from basic data makes sense to me
too. I was wondering whether such simple tool already exist, using just
ASCII to produce the histograms, but couldn't find one with a quick

It would probably be useful to make such tool have an optional ASCII
mode. It should also not assume UTF-8 output, but use something like "|
iconv -f utf-8", since chinese people have their own way of encoding