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Re: apt-get upgrade removing ifupdown on jessie→stretch upgrade

also sprach Jonas Smedegaard <jonas@xxxxxxxx> [2017-02-23 12:06 +1300]:
> Maybe your ifupdown was flagged as auto-installed, a recent prior APT 
> process upgraded to netbase 5.4 (no longer recommending ifupdown), and 
> your latest APT process just finished an auto-removal of the no longer 
> needed ifupdown for some reason not finalized earlier.

I doubt this. ifupdown has no entry in apt.extended_states.1.gz, and
netbase was upgraded from 5.3 during the same upgrade process. There
was no upgrade process before this which might have been continued.
Apart, auto-removal I think is specifically identified and should
also not happen on "upgrade" cf. manpage, no?

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