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Re: De-Branding of Icedove, reintroducing Thunderbird packages into Debian

Le 19/02/2017 à 08:37, Carsten Schoenert a écrit :
> Hello,
> Am 19.02.2017 um 07:12 schrieb Josh Triplett:
>> Mike Hommey wrote:
>>> Why not just create a ~/.thunderbird symlink to ~/.icedove if
>>> ~/.icedove exists?
>> This seems like the right solution.  (Or, equivalently, rename
>> ~/.icedove to ~/.thunderbird and place a symlink in the other
>> direction.)
>> Any particular reason not to do this?
> given to the feedback on the list and BTS we will change the current
> behavior to "just" symlink to ~/.icedove.


What's your fall-back if .thunderbird already exist and is not a symlink
to .icedove?

Regards, Thibaut.