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Re: De-Branding of Icedove, reintroducing Thunderbird packages into Debian


Le 15/02/2017 à 18:35, Christoph Goehre a écrit :
> With the change to the official Mozilla branding the users profile(s) will also
> be changing from '$HOME/.icedove' to '$HOME/.thunderbird' so we need to migrate
> the profile folder. This is done by /usr/bin/thunderbird, a wrapper script,
> which does the following things during initial startup:
> * Copy the contents of the old profile folder into the new folder ~/.icedove_moved_by_thunderbird_starter

It is a copy ? (and I suspect there is also a move to $HOME/.thunderbird)
If there is a copy (and not only a move), how do you handle (missing) disk
  I saw lots of icedove installation with several tens of GiB of cached IMAP
mails. There won't necessarily be enough place to do a copy of such profiles
so the migration must handle correctly this possibility (if all the profile
is copied)


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