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Re: De-Branding of Icedove, reintroducing Thunderbird packages into Debian

Hello Adam,

Am 15.02.2017 um 22:12 schrieb Adam Borowski:
>> * Copy the contents of the old profile folder into the new folder ~/.icedove_moved_by_thunderbird_starter
> I see no deletion step.  This is bad for a couple of reasons:
> * my .icedove takes north of 2GB (mostly imap cache of multiple servers),
>   one of my users clocks above 7GB for a single server
> * if you have some sensitive mail and delete it, you really don't want a
>   copy to stick forever.  Especially if you then go through a border...

there is a reason why we decided to not delete anything here that is
related to the users scope. We don't want delete user files and
configuration as the impact of a deleted folder or files is much bigger
as not used backup of a folder. So we have to go into one direction in
the end.
And I don't see a needed discussion about that small issue as mostly
every singe MP3 file is bigger than the common users profile folder for
Mozilla Thunderbird.

Carsten Schoenert