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Re: changelog practice, unfinalised vs UNRELEASED vs ~version

Sean Whitton dijo [Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 04:33:15PM -0700]:
> > So, my idea was, in short: Thinking in a post-Buster world, do we even
> > need the finalized line? I mean, take a look at debian/changes. The
> > archive handling tools do get both «Date» and «Changed-By» fields,
> > which reflect when the package was last *built* (which has a much
> > clearer meaning than a nondescript finalization line). Debian tools
> > can act from there. We could then just remove this dissonant bit :-)
> The final line of a finalised changelog indicates who signed off on the
> package: the person who said "it's time to upload this".

At least according to some readings. Up to now, I never gave any
thought to this line; usually dch updates the date for me, but I often
upload packages "signed by" others, or the opposite.

> I think that we should continue to record the person who made that
> judgement.  Someone who made a small change and whose name appears [in
> square brackets ] shouldn't automatically have responsibility for the
> whole upload -- but *someone* should have that overarching
> responsibility.

I see, and it is a valuable reading. I wonder if I'm alone in not
considering it important so far (after all, I've only been a DD for 14

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