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Re: Rebuilding package reverse build-dependencies

On Thu, Feb 09, 2017 at 03:24:48PM +0200, Eugene Zhukov wrote:
> I have a package (saxonhe) whose newer versions are not backwards
> compatible and break other packages (build)depending on it e.g.
> epubcheck. I guess this is a common problem which sometimes happens
> with some packages.
> Is there a way to rebuild all ${package} reverse build-dependencies in
> one go in a more-or-less clean environment (chroot/container/vm)?

"ratt" is supposed to do this.

I haven't personally used it yet -- if you prefer dirty hacks instead, my
way consists of the following scripts:

.--====[ ~/bin/binaries-for-source ]

for x in "$@"
    grep-dctrl -r -S "^${x/\./\\.}$" -s Package /var/lib/apt/lists/*_dists_unstable_*_binary-amd64_Packages|cut -d' ' -f 2
.--====[ ~/bin/rdeps-for-source ]

parallel build-rdeps -- `~/bin/binaries-for-source "$@"`|
grep -v '^Reverse Build-depends'|
grep -v -- '^------------'|
grep -v '^Found '|
grep -v '^No reverse build-depends found'|
grep -v '^$'|
If you have "dose-extra" installed, the above will include complex chains
like Build-Depends->Depends->Depends, at the cost of taking two ages and
three forevers.  That's why you want "parallel" (package moreutils) -- those
two ages and three forevers won't run consecutively for a multi-binary

To use this, you run:
parallel sbuild -- `rdeps-for-source foo`
(remember to decrease DEB_BUILT_OPTIONS=parallel=X if you have it -- it's a
lot faster to run X 1-threaded builds as they have a lot of
non-parallelizable parts)

Then post-process the results with:
.--====[ ~/bin/sortst ]
set -e

mkdir -p logs/{successful,skipped,attempted,failed,given-back}
mv *.build logs/ ||:
cd logs
for x in `ls *.build|sort|tac` # do symlinks before actual logs
    ST="$(grep -a '^Status: \(successful\|skipped\|attempted\|failed\|given-back\)$' "$x"|cut -d' ' -f2)"
    if [ -z "$ST" ]
        echo "$x has no valid status"
        mv "$x" "$ST/"
(safe to use when the rebuild is still going)

Autotools hint: to do a zx-spectrum build on a pdp11 host, type:
  ./configure --host=zx-spectrum --build=pdp11