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Re: lintian: shlib-read-write-env

Le 31/01/2017 à 16:56, Christian Seiler a écrit :
> (Any program that calls setenv() will call getenv() as well at
> some point, otherwise you could simply drop the setenv() completely;

Not necessarily. Instead of calling getenv, it can call fork+exec
(that will run an other program, MT or not, in the new environment).
The most classical example is the shell that can set lots of
environment variables from its startup files without necessarily
reading them.

> so any program that does that in an MT context is broken anyway,
> regardless of whether it uses a library that does an additional
> getenv().)

In an MT context, such a program should probably use setenv between
the fork and the exec (ie not in MT context) or, probably better,
use exec variants allowing to specify the new environment.


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