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Success with coarrays and gfortran

I am pleased to report that I have successfully compiled OpenCoarrays-1.8.0 under cygwin and used it to build parallel coarray Fortran code using gfortran. I have compiled and run a few toy cases, but nothing serious yet.

Steps taken were:

install openmpi, libopenmpi-devel, libopenmpifh12, libopenmpiusef08_11, gfortran

download OpenCoarrays-1.8.0.tar.gz from https://github.com/sourceryinstitute/opencoarrays/releases
tar xf  OpenCoarrays-1.8.0.tar.gz
cd OpenCoarrays-1.8.0
mkdir build
cd build

At this point I tried to build using install.sh but this failed. I didn't investigate.
I then fell back to the procedure documented in INSTALL.md

CC=gcc FC=gfortran cmake

All the tests pass. f90 applications are complied using the 'caf' script and run using the 'cafrun' script.

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