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ssh-host-config: patch fix debug option + broken for me on Vista (non-domain)


First please find attached a simple patch that fixes a problem I
encountered running ssh-host-config with the --debug option.

Pretty simple. Without redirecting the output of csih_stacktrace() to
stderr, then (3.5.4) Command Substitution of functions that call it will
run into problems. And the one that I encountered was this one:

cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:1147:csih_mktemp ()
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:1149:  csih_stacktrace "${@}"
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:1150:  $_csih_trace
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:1152:  local __umask=$(umask)
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:1153:  local rval
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:1154:  local tmpdir
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:1156: tmpdir=$(csih_writable_tmpdir) || return 1
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:1158:  umask 0077
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:1159: /usr/bin/mktemp --tmpdir="${tmpdir}" "$@"

tmpdir will be filled with stacktrace output from the
csih_writable_tmpdir() call, and mktemp will fail.

Further, there is definitely a bug, at least for me, with running
ssh-host-config on Vista (32 bit, but that shouldn't matter) in a
non-domain environment.

The script obviously confuses the form of username construct to use at
various points. I encounter the following error:

*** Info: This script plans to use 'cyg_server'.
*** Info: 'cyg_server' will only be used by registered services.
*** Query: Create new privileged user account 'LIBRA-VW\cyg_server' (Cygwin name: 'libra-vw+cyg_server')? (yes/no) yes *** Info: Please enter a password for new user libra-vw+cyg_server. Please be sure *** Info: that this password matches the password rules given on your system.
*** Info: Entering no password will exit the configuration.
*** Query: Please enter the password:
*** Query: Reenter:

*** Info: User 'libra-vw+cyg_server' has been created with password 'melum0m0'.
*** Info: If you change the password, please remember also to change the
*** Info: password for the installed services which use (or will soon use)
*** Info: the 'libra-vw+cyg_server' account.

passwd: unknown user libra-vw+cyg_server
*** Warning: Setting password expiry for user 'libra-vw+cyg_server' failed!
*** Warning: Please check that password never expires or set it to your needs.
No user or group 'libra-vw+cyg_server' known.
*** Warning: Assigning the appropriate privileges to user 'libra-vw+cyg_server' failed!
*** ERROR: There was a serious problem creating a privileged user.
*** Warning: Expected privileged user 'libra-vw+cyg_server' does not exist.
*** Warning: Defaulting to 'SYSTEM'

*** Info: The sshd service has been installed under the LocalSystem
*** Info: account (also known as SYSTEM). To start the service now, call
*** Info: `net start sshd' or `cygrunsrv -S sshd'.  Otherwise, it
*** Info: will start automatically after the next reboot.

*** Warning: Host configuration exited with 1 errors or warnings!
*** Warning: Make sure that all problems reported are fixed,
*** Warning: then re-run ssh-host-config.

And I'm sure the problem is that this well-intended change to the script
fails on the assumption that LOGONSERVER is always populated. It isn't
for me on Vista.

cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:2884: # This test succeeds on domain member machines only, not on DCs. cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:2885: if [ "\\\\${COMPUTERNAME,,*}" != "${LOGONSERVER,,*}" \ cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:2886: -a "${LOGONSERVER}" != "\\\\MicrosoftAccount" ]
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:2887:      then
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:2888:     # Lowercase of USERDOMAIN
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:2889: csih_PRIVILEGED_USERNAME="${COMPUTERNAME,,*}+${username}"
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:2890:      fi
cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh:2891:    fi

I fixed this by modifying the test to check LOGONSERVER is not empty:

if [ -n "${LOGONSERVER}" -a "\\\\...

Can this be fixed in the next release?


--- cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh.orig	2015-10-28 20:23:49.000000000 +1100
+++ cygwin-service-installation-helper.sh	2017-01-18 14:04:40.856126700 +1100
@@ -384,7 +384,7 @@
-    echo -e "${_csih_STACKTRACE_STR} ${val} ${@}"
+    echo -e "${_csih_STACKTRACE_STR} ${val} ${@}" 1>&2
 } # === End of csih_stacktrace() === #
 readonly -f csih_stacktrace

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