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Re: X11 becomes unresponsive with complex client programs

On 14/01/2017 01:38, David Arnstein wrote:
My cygwin installation can display simple X11 clients such as xterm. A
complex client such as git-cola, launched from a remote RedHat Linux
machine, will cause all X11 windows under cygwin to become unresponsive.
Windows Task Manager says "not responding."

This problem occurs with recent releases of Cygwin/X11. The attached
cygcheck.out indicates the last X11 version that works well: 1.18-4.1.
All other cygwin packages are up to date.

Thanks for reporting this problem.

Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce it.

However, I suspect this may be caused by switching to the smart scheduler by default in xorg-server 1.19.0-1.

So, the first thing I'd suggest you try is adding -dumbSched to the X server options to see if this makes a difference (e.g. 'startxwin -- -dumbSched'

Jon Turney
Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer

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