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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Cygwin 2.6.1-1

On 10. 1. 2017 1:39, Steven Penny wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Dec 2016 09:41:29, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> - Fix regression in console charset handling
>>   Addresses: https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2016-10/msg00000.html
> It looks like fixing this may have caused another issue. Example test:
> With cmd.exe, you can type Alt 234 and it produces
> GREEK CAPITAL LETTER OMEGA U+03A9. However with Cygwin via Cygwin.bat it yields
> nothing. Non ASCII characters can be read from scripts, but they cannot be
> entered interactively.
> They cannot be pasted either; pasting some words will remove all non ASCII
> characters.
> I believe this to be a recent issue, if memory serves this did work before, and
> should given that cmd.exe handles it fine.

My experience:

conhostv2+cmd: Shift+Ins -> ŕ
conhostv2+cmd: Alt+234 -> ŕ

conhostv2+cygwin260+bash: Shift+Ins -> ŕ
conhostv2+cygwin260+bash: Alt+234 -> ŕ

conhostv2+cygwin261+bash: Shift+Ins -> ŕ
conhostv2+cygwin261+bash: Alt+234 -> 
(i.e. nothing)
conhostv2+cygwin261+bash: Alt+5 -> [G
(if there's nothing written yet on the input line, Alt+5 also causes what seems to be ~10-second delay in input processing)

mintty+cygwin261+bash: Shift+Ins -> ŕ
mintty+cygwin261+bash: Alt+234 -> ê

Versions and settings:

$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-10.0 mew 2.6.0(0.304/5/3) 2016-08-31 14:32 x86_64 Cygwin
$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-10.0 mew 2.6.1(0.305/5/3) 2016-12-16 11:55 x86_64 Cygwin

$ locale

$ /proc/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/chcp.com
Active code page: 65001

Using the font Consolas.

David Macek

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