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WinCompose vs. Cygwin/X

I recently discovered WinCompose <https://github.com/samhocevar/wincompose>, a Windows port of XCompose, and fell in love with it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't play nice with Cygwin/X, it seems. WinCompose eats the key sequences, and neither the original keys nor the intended character(s) ever reach X. Of course, Cygwin/X has XCompose. But because of the above, you can't use the same compose key in WinCompose and XCompose. So I keep using the wrong compose key. (gvim is the worst, since I use both the Windows and X versions.)

Does any of you have experience with this and know a better way to deal with this? Potential solutions might be to tell Cygwin/X to use Windows keyboard handling instead of its own keyboard drivers (but I don't think that's possible), or to tell WinCompose to disable itself in windows owned by the X server (and that doesn't seem possible either). (I know mintty has its own compose functionality now, but that doesn't help. I spend a lot of my time in terminal windows, but not all. :)

Thanks in advance,

– Michael

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