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Re: compile python executable file on cygwin for windows

On 19/12/2016 16:07, Goodman Leung wrote:
hi all

i install python and pyinstaller on cygwin , and i can run pyinstaller
successfully to compile a exe file on the  cygwin environment .

but when i launch this executable file on window with double click , it
occur a error and tell me the program can not find "cygwin.dll" (i can
not remember what it exactly is ).

can cygwin compile a windows python executable program .or we should
treat cygwin like a pure linux OS that all things we have done on it
just compatible with linux only

best regards

have you tried to run it from the Cygwin terminal (aka Mintty) ?

Running from explorer (double click) do not properly set the
PATH variable for cygwin programs.


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