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'ssh -1 -L < named_pipe' freezes

Here's my script that works on linux:

    cmd="ssh -T -N -g -1 -L 10001:anotherhost:22"
    fifo=`mktemp -u`
    mkfifo "$fifo"
    $cmd <"$fifo" &
    exec 3>"$fifo"
    # message: Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.
    # netstat shows that port 10001 is LISTENING
    # from another terminal: ssh -p 10001 localhost
    #printf '\0' >&3 # unfreeze on Cygwin

-N is ignored for protocol version 1, so as a workaround I redirect
input from an eternal pipe.
I want to save processes, so I'm using a named pipe instead of
something like:
    sleep | ssh

On Cygwin when I try to use the forwarded port, the new client freezes
until I write something to the pipe.

This happens only with named pipes. Normal pipes work well.

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