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RE: Cygwin's debuginfo package concept

Dear Cygwin Team,

a few more observations on this:

1.)    I just finished building mingw64-x86_64-gtk3-debuginfo-3.22.28-1.tar.xz from sources (using cygport) - this file does contain .dbg files (as expected). So it seems to be a bug in the specific package that mingw64-x86_64-runtime-debuginfo-6.0.0-1.tar.xz doesn't contain .dbg files (since this is the main MinGW runtime, this is a major issue and source of confusion).

2.)    Although cygport supports building mingw64-x86_64-gtk3-debuginfo-3.22.28-1.tar.xz, this file is not downloadable with the Cygwin setup.

3.)    A few other -debuginfo files for MinGW are so small (according to setup) that it is hardly imaginable that they contain .dbg files.

Btw.: I think it would make sense if -debuginfo files would be a separate column in the Cygwin setup (like bin and src). This would make it more obvious that such packages exist and also for which libraries they do or do not exist.

Best regards,

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