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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Test: cmake-3.13.1-1

> I have no problem, but Tony thinks that as the cmake test suite test
> is not perfect so he prefers to stay with the old one.
> 99% tests passed, 4 tests failed out of 548
> I was not able to identify the failures root cause,
> and I suspect they are not fundamental and related to the test
> suite itfelf.
> Regards
> Marco
Old cmake 3.6.2-1 is very-very old and not actual in C++ world. I use new
cmake 3.13.1-1 test version for half a year and see no issues. I think 4
failed tests of 548 that are not affect of main functionality is not a good
reason to delay cmake release for so long time...

I vote to move a new cmake from test to release!

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