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Logs from logger don't appear in EventLog

I see here and there that if any kind of syslog daemon is not
installed in Cygwin all messages sent to syslog will appear in
I couldn't find a documentation piece about how (and when) logging
work in Cygwin, only some emails in maillists.
Ok, here is my problem. I install cygwin on Windows 2008 R2 x64. Then
I install only two services in Cygwin: cron and sshd. No syslog daemon
at all. I want to see all syslog messages in EventLog.
And I see messages from sshd and cron in EventLog, but when I run
logger utility I can't see them in EventLog:
     /usr/bin/logger BLABLA
Am I missing something that matters? I need your help and expertise!

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