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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 3.0.1

I have uploaded mintty 3.0.1 with the following changes:

  * New character attributes superscript, subscript, shadowed, overstrike.
  * DEC VT420 screen control features.
  * Fully VT100-compatible, including VT52 mode (with graphics).
  * Up to 6 key modifiers, including Meta (Win key) and configurable Super and Hyper keys.
  * Bell sounds in package.
  * Various window and clipboard handling optimisations and extensions.
  * User-definable function extensions.

Terminal features
  * New character attributes overstrike and (as inspired by existing terminfo capabilities) shadow, subscript, superscript:     * SGR 8:7 overstrikes characters over preserved screen contents (28 clears).
    * SGR 1:2 for shadowed display (22 clears).
    * SGR 73 and SGR 74 for superscript and subscript display (75 clears).
  * VT420 rectangular area copy and fill: DECCRA, DECFRA, DECERA, DECSERA.
  * VT420 area attributes: DECSACE, DECCARA, DECRARA.
  * VT420 left and right margins: DECSLRM and private mode 69.
  * VT420 horizontal scrolling: DECBI, DECFI, DECIC, DECDC.
  * VT510 DECNCSM.
  * Primary Device Attributes report VT420 by default; VT525 supported.
  * Blinking cursor mode (DECSET 12) overlays blinking cursor style (DECSCUSR) so that DECRST 12 does not spoil blinking style (#818, mintty/wsltty#133).
  * Support ECMA-48 SPD control sequence, values 0 and 3 (RTL fun feature).
  * Support DECSET 1007 (mouse wheel reporting, xterm).
  * New CSI # p/q XTPUSHSGR and XTPOPSGR aliases (xterm 345).
  * Fixed DECSET 80 (sixel scrolling mode) which was reverted.
  * Clear All Tabs sequence (TBC 3) extends after resizing, compatible with xterm.   * VT52 mode, thereby becoming fully VT100-compatible, with Atari ST extensions.
  * HP Memory Lock/Unlock (xterm).
  * Fixed VT and FF in LNM mode.
  * Fixed format of OSC 5;0;? response.

Keyboard handling
  * Fixed encoding of Win key as Meta modifier.
  * Support optional Super and Hyper modifiers.
  * Lock keys do not change the state if they have user-defined assignments.
  * User-definable additional function keys.

Window handling
  * Revised/fixed fullscreen/font zooming behaviour and effect of ZoomFontWithWindow.   * Fixed Default Size function in some cases after previous fullscreen zooming.   * Search (Alt+F3) can keep search context distance from top/bottom (#797).
  * Optional squashing of bell sound series (#865).
  * No limited font warning if the selected locale is likewise limited (~#871).
  * Suppress output rendering while window is iconic (~#875).

Clipboard handling
  * Trim trailing spaces for HTML and HTML text copies (#878).
  * Select HTML detail level by setting of "Copy as HTML" alone (#878).
  * Specify "fixed pitch" for RTF format (~#878).
  * New options CopyAsRTFFont, CopyAsRTFFontHeight (~#878).

  * Mintty packages include a selection of bell sounds (#711).
  * New user-definable key name CapsLock.
  * New user-definable key name prefix ‘*’ to define for all modifiers.
  * New user-definable modifier key assignments super and hyper.
  * New user-definable function paste-path (mintty/wsltty#161).
  * New user-definable control char syntax (#873).
  * New prefixes U/Y (for super/hyper) for user-defined keys.
  * New user-definable numeric action, entering a function key sequence.
  * New option BellInterval to squash BEL sequences (#865).
  * New option SearchContext (#797).
  * Offer terminal types vt420, vt525; also xterm-direct, mintty, mintty-direct if installed (~#866, ~#867).   * With --WSL, initialise title to WSL name rather than command line (~mintty/wsltty#167).

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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