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Cygwin debugger crashes every time on following a unique_ptr


I use CLion for code development. I initially posted this bug there
but they said that it is an issue with the Cygwin GDB, and hence I am
sending this mail.

I am using cygwin64 version 3.0.7 with Cygwin debugger version 8.1.1

Sample code to reproduce the code has been attached. In the Clion
environment, this is what is happening:

A dummy example code has been attached. In the example, on line 17 in
main.cpp, you can see that in the Variables tab, the currentPassengers
vector<>() is populated correctly. But when I right click on
currentPassengers and select "Add to Watches", the entire debugger
crashes. The same thing happens when I hover over the variable names
in the code to get the values.

Adding a watch is equivalent to when in the gdb window I try and do
this: myCar.get()->currentPassengers. This crashes the GDB every time.
So the issue occurs when I try to follow the object pointed to by a
unique_ptr and try to get its attributes/variables.

MS-CS, Iowa State University

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