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gstreamer-plugins-dev packages not available?


I've been trying to build wxpython 4 under Cygwin, and I have realised 
that one of the build dependencies - gstreamer-plugins-bad-dev - doesn't 
seem to be in the repository. This is the same for all of the other 
plugin sets. I'm wondering if the package name is just different and I'm 
missing it or not? There is a dev package for the library that I 
installed, but this isn't enough to satisfy wxpython's configure script.

I'm happy to try to modify the build recipe for the gstreamer packages 
to include this, or do something similar. I might need some initial 
pointers - I'm not experienced compiling under Cygwin, or using Cygwin's 
package management system. If I get it working, I will also be happy to 
contribute a python3-wxpython4 package as well.

Can anyone help me?

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty

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