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Re: cygrunsrv --install <svc> --user <user>: avoid having to enter the user's password

Hi Irfan,

I'm assuming that there is some reason you don't want to use the password option:
-w, --passwd <password>   Optional password for user. Only needed
                            if a user is given. If a user has an empty
password, enter `-w '. If a user is given but no password, cygrunsrv will ask for a password

The password prompt can be scripted with Perl. (Assuming you *have* the password)

use IO::Pty::Easy;
$io = IO::Pty::Easy->new;
@cmd = qw{cygrunsrv -I name -t manual -p /c/foo.exe -u name};
printf "read: %s\n", $io->read;
printf "write: %s\n", $io->write("foo\n");
printf "read: %s\n", $io->read;
printf "write: %s\n", $io->write("foo\n");
printf "read: %s\n", $io->read;

Hope that helps.

On 2019-05-19 11:49 pm, Irfan Adilovic wrote:

(All actions here assume an elevated mintty terminal)

I have the  need to automate the installation of autossh as a windows
service (=> several dozen autossh services) and when installing as a
local user, the password prompt is an issue.

Is there a way to add windows services with cygrunsrv from an elevated
mintty bash shell to run as a local user, somehow without requiring
that local user's password each time the service is installed?

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