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Re: Is our use of Cygwin to build & run OpenOCD a good one?

Bob Cochran writes:
> We recently wrote up our process on building OpenOCD using Cygwin on
> Windows 10 and shared it on the OpenOCD mail list.   And, I received
> the following feedback:
> "Cygwin? this is probably still functional, but now can be considered
> a (pre)historic solution."

More likely a fossilized memory of a very old Cygwin by that commenter.

> I personally have been using Cygwin for many years and have come to
> trust it for interfacing to Linux and macOS boxes from Windows.  I
> think it's a great project, so when I wanted to build & run OpenOCD
> from scratch, I naturally went to Cygwin.
> I would appreciate any feedback on our use of Cygwin for building &
> running OpenOCD: https://mindchasers.com/dev/openocd-darsena-windows
> If fellow Cygwin users think it's a poor use case, then we'll pull the
> article.

It works, you don't have to jump through burning hoops to get there and
it helps you out for when you have to use a Windows box.  So, all around
a good use-case, really.

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