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Re: How to install gcc and g++ 6 on cygwin which are not on the setup.exe

Csaba Raduly, on Sunday, May 19, 2019 04:37 AM, wrote...
>On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 4:57 AM Jack  wrote:
>> On 5/18/19 9:24 PM, Jose Isaias Cabrera wrote:
>> > How do I uninstall the installation that I created with the building of gcc6? I did a search on duckduckgo for,
>> >
>> > cygwin how to uninstall gcc after building it
>> >
>> > and found nothing that could help me.  Right now I have two installs of gcc: v7.4.and v6.4.0.
>That is not necessarily a problem. "Hand-built" GCC usually gets
>installed into /usr/local (so g++-6 is /usr/local/bin/g++), whereas
>the built-in GCC is installed into /usr (so the default GCC 7.4 is
>/usr/bin/g++). Unfortunately, whether one or the other is picked
>depends on your PATH.
>I tend to configure my hand-built GCC with --program-suffix= (e.g. GCC
>6 with --program-suffix=-6, so the name of the compiler ends up being
Good to know for the next one. :-(  I should have used this on my run of configure. It would have matched what Bedrockdb make was calling.

>Unfortunately, gcc doesn't support "make uninstall". A workaround is
>to make a fake install with "make install DESTDIR=/tmp/usr/local" and
>then make a list of all the files under that directory, remove the
>"/tmp" and delete the files based on the list, something like

I started from scratch. I had a nice cygwin setup with Xfce, which I have to go back and set it back up.  But, that's easier because I know what I am doing here. ;-)  Thanks for all your help.


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