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Re: Is our use of Cygwin to build & run OpenOCD a good one?

On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 3:44 PM Bob Cochran wrote:
> "Cygwin? this is probably still functional, but now can be considered a
> (pre)historic solution."

The words of the ignorant, in my opinion.  Cygwin has done an
excellent job of maintaining currency and usefulness.

> I would appreciate any feedback on our use of Cygwin for building &
> running OpenOCD: https://mindchasers.com/dev/openocd-darsena-windows

I think the most important key question to ask is: does it work well
for you and your use case?

> If fellow Cygwin users think it's a poor use case, then we'll pull the
> article.

If it works well, I think it is a good use case.

-- Erik

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