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Is our use of Cygwin to build & run OpenOCD a good one?


In case you're not familiar with it, OpenOCD is a hardware debugger that natively runs on Linux:  http://openocd.org/

We use it for embedded hardware development in debugging our ARM and FPGA code via JTAG (e.g., set breakpoints, step through code, etc.).   For our use, it interfaces to our hardware via an FTDI USB-based JTAG controller.

We recently wrote up our process on building OpenOCD using Cygwin on Windows 10 and shared it on the OpenOCD mail list.   And, I received the following feedback:

"Cygwin? this is probably still functional, but now can be considered a (pre)historic solution."

I personally have been using Cygwin for many years and have come to trust it for interfacing to Linux and macOS boxes from Windows.  I think it's a great project, so when I wanted to build & run OpenOCD from scratch, I naturally went to Cygwin.

I would appreciate any feedback on our use of Cygwin for building & running OpenOCD: https://mindchasers.com/dev/openocd-darsena-windows

If fellow Cygwin users think it's a poor use case, then we'll pull the article.



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