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is it possible to install "prev" package when using command line?


I'm trying to install Cygwin via command line.
Works great, except it installs latest version of openssh in which the sshd service is installed as "cygsshd" instead "sshd".
Is there a way to install the previous version of openssh via command line?
Something like this?
setup-x86_64.exe  -a x86_64 -goODLBq -s http://<myMirror> -l c:\install\cygwin\ -R c:\cygwin64 -P openssh-7.9p1-1

Or maybe a way to install new cygsshd as sshd?
I'm aware the service name was changed due to windows new sshd service, but at the moment I still need the old sshd service cause I have a lot of scripts depending on it.


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