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Re: Building Bedrockdb in cygwin

So, finally, I was able to to through the git problem: I needed to set the correct proxy syntax, here it is in case someone ever gets a git out of memory error:

git config --global http.proxy http://proxyuser:proxypwd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:8080


change proxyuser to your proxy user
change proxypwd to your proxy password
change proxy.server.com to the URL of your proxy server
change 8080 to the proxy port configured on your proxy server

However, having jumped that huddle, I encountered a new one, which is probably easier to deal with. The make command does a lot of work, but once it's going to start compiling, I get,

[good stuff clipped]
  CC    util/pem2der.c
  CC    util/strerror.c
  CC    x509/cert_app.c
  CC    x509/crl_app.c
  CC    x509/cert_req.c
  CC    x509/cert_write.c
  CC    x509/req_app.c
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/e608313/Bedrock/mbedtls/programs'
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/e608313/Bedrock/mbedtls'
g++-6 -g -std=c++14 -fpic -O2 -Wall -Werror -Wformat-security -DGIT_REVISION=ce62c88 -I/home/e608313/Bedrock -I/home/e608313/Bedrock/mbedtls/include -MMD -MF libstuff/libstuff.d -MT libstuff/libstuff.h.gch -c libstuff/libstuff.h
make: g++-6: Command not found
make: *** No rule to make target 'libstuff/libstuff.d', needed by '.build/libstuff/libstuff.d'.  Stop.

So, it appears that I need something called g++-6. I have both gcc and g++

$ ls /usr/bin/g++*

So, the question is, what is g++-6, and how to I get it?  I tried to find it with cygwin's setup, but it's not on the distro.  I tried to duckduckgo it, but I didn't get anything useful.  Thoughts?  Thanks


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