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Re: Building Bedrockdb in cygwin

On 2019.05.13 16:37, Jose Isaias Cabrera wrote:
Jack, on Monday, May 13, 2019 04:22 PM, wrote...
>On 2019.05.13 16:15, Jose Isaias Cabrera wrote:
>> $ git clone https://github.com/Expensify/Bedrock.git
>> Cloning into 'Bedrock'...
>> fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/Expensify/Bedrock.git/':
>> Out of memory
>I think that means you.  Do you have enough disk space?
$ df -a
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
C:/cygwin/bin      -     -     -    - /usr/bin
C:/cygwin/lib      -     -     -    - /usr/lib
C:/cygwin       280G   67G  213G  24% /
B:              4.0G   91M  3.9G   3% /cygdrive/b
C:                 -     -     -    - /cygdrive/c
D:              183G   18G  165G  10% /cygdrive/d
Which drive are you trying to build on? B: 3.9G might well not be enough room. C: and D: seem to have enough space.

Before doing much else, however, please confirm that that subdirectory does have a .git folder. If so, the git pull should work. If not, it wont.
You are right.  There is no .git folder within mbedtls. Hmmm...

I am not a git guy. Do I do a 'git init' to get a .git folder created?
The problem is you can't just create a new git repo from thin air. You need to pull it from the mbedtls site. The Bedrock repository contains the bits that tell the git submodule commands how to do that - that's what is missing from the tarball. I suppose you could go to the dir one above mbedtls and try cloning that repository, which should then have all the pieces Bedrock seems to expect.
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