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Re: Pinentry-curses on cygwin environment

Hi Thomas,
below my detailed items:

What package? Reference, download link? How did you compile?

    I downloaded the package directly from gpg site into download page version.
    The version of pinentry package 1.1.0 (2017-12-03).
    I compile with read me process indicated which is included into the package.
    I run ~/.configure and after ./make.
    I obtained pinentry-courses.exe

What's the command you run?

    I execute this command on mintty-bash prompt:
    $ gpg-agent --daemon --disable-scdaemon --no-detach --ttyname /dev/pty0 --ttytype xterm --pinentry-program /bin/pinentry-curses.exe
    $ gpg --decrypt myencryptedfilename.gpg.
    From this moment the behaviour is :
     A dialogue box is drawn on the terminal with all keys information correctly.
     When I enter my passphrase anything I type on the terminal window is just echoed at the bottom of the
     I must type CTRL-C to return on shell and the

    I can noted also that this test is OK:
    $ echo -e "OPTION ttyname=/dev/pty0 \nSETDESC MESSAGE TO PRINT IN CURSES WINDOW\nGETPIN" | pinentry-curses
    The output is correct so I obtained on prompt :
    OK Pleased to meet you
    D characters interted into right window curses space
Is the pinentry-curses and pinentry-tty not compatible with cygwin-mintty-bash environment?
Thanks for your precious support

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