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Re: Building Bedrockdb in cygwin

On 2019.05.13 15:01, Jose Isaias Cabrera wrote:
So, it looks like the root (c49b808ae490f03d665df5faae457f613aa31aaf) does not exists... Thanks for the quick reply, though.
This issue is that at that point, the higher level make assumes that mbedtls is a git repository.

cd mbedtls && git checkout -q c49b808ae490f03d665df5faae457f613aa31aaf
fatal: reference is not a tree: c49b808ae490f03d665df5faae457f613aa31aaf
I don't fully understand the git submodules, but something in the main git repository should have the info about where the git submodule's upstream repository is. I'll guess here that you started by unpacking a tarball, and not cloning the Bedrock git repository, and that they failed to include the main .git folder in the tarball. You'll probably either need to start by a git clone, or have them tell you how to manually specify the missing submodule information.

However, in doing a bit of searching, I just found a stackoverflow answer which includes "This is the most common problem with submodules. The commit that you are on in the outer repository has a reference to a commit in the submodule that someone did not push up yet. It's a dependency problem. Always push from the inside-out. This is most likely not something you did wrong, but someone else that's working in the repository. " This implies that mbedtls does have a .git folder, but that particular commit is not yet available. Try doing a "git pull" when in that subdirectory. Otherwise, wait for a response from the Bedrock team.

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