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Re: Building Bedrockdb in cygwin

Jack, on Monday, May 13, 2019 02:47 PM, wrote...
>On 2019.05.13 14:17, Jose Isaias Cabrera wrote:
>I know nothing about Bedrock, but I'd ask what you did before running
>"make."  Did you do ./configure?

Thanks Jack for the prompt reply. No, there is no configure.

> Is there perhaps an autogen.sh to
No, no autogen.sh either.

>  In applications I've compiled which use git submodules, it's
>often been autogen.sh which actually initialized them, which must be
>done before updating them, and I seem to recall that it's something
>that needs to be done prior to the "git submodule init".

Thanks. This is what the README.md says,

$ cat README.md
# Expensify/Bedrock/
This public repo contains the Bedrock database server.  For more information on what that is, please see http://bedrockdb.com  The directories in this repo include:

* `/` - Contains the main Bedrock source
* `/docs` - Source for the public website (hosted via GitHub Pages): http://bedrockdb.com
* `/libstuff` - A general purpose C++ framework for cross-platform application development
* `/mbedtls` - The mbed TLS from here: https://tls.mbed.org/
* `/plugins` - The various plugins provided "out of the box" to Bedrock
* `/sqlitecluster` - The distributed transaction framework built atop sqlite: http://sqlite.org

So, it looks like the root (c49b808ae490f03d665df5faae457f613aa31aaf) does not exists... Thanks for the quick reply, though.


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