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Re: SSHD Service shuts down after a while after latest library updates

On Sun, May 12, 2019 at 8:31 AM L A Walsh wrote:

> This has been a feature of Windows since win98. Not officially, mind
> you, but any scheduled task in windows would eventually become
> unscheduled and stop running with out any notification.

I've never seen this behavior on any Windows machine (a scheduled task
becoming unscheduled by itself), but in any case, this is irrelevant
to the current question because scheduled tasks are not the same as
Windows services (daemons).

What we need to know is what is happening that would cause the service
to stop running. As a test, you can stop the service (if it's not
stopped already), and do the following:

1. Open Cygwin shell as administrator (right-click, "Run as administrator")

2. Run: cd /usr/sbin

3. Run: sshd -d -d -d

This will run the service "interactively" and you can see what error occurs.


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