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Re: SSHD Service shuts down after a while after latest library updates

On 5/12/2019 6:35 AM, Enrico.Bertram wrote:
> \
> The service is configured to start automatically and does so on each reboot.
> The event viewer does not show any event (for example the "stopped" on
> normal shutdowns) - the service is just in shut down state every now and
> then and I have to manually start it again.
This has been a feature of Windows since win98.  Not officially, mind
you, but any scheduled task in windows would eventually become
unscheduled and stop running with out any notification.

The only way I found to get round this is by having a job login from
a reliable server (like linux) multiple times/hour with a control
login that attempts to remain logged in so that problems can be
solved by the already logged in process.

For the first time since Win98, I'm starting to get error reports when
there are problems as well as notifications if there was a problem
resetting my basic state.

I may have to extend my monitoring and corrections since some are more
but sadly it was the only way I found out how to get prompt errors when
things stopped working because Windows philosophy is to not report
things in hope that the problem or need for the report will go away.

Part of this stems from, for example in tools to regulate resources
given to programs, only servers are allowed to do so, with the
regulating software not running on Windows.

There are some unsatisfactory third party options (Process Lasso) that
do things
like keep processes running or restart if they die  -- things that the
Windows service manager claims to do, but not always work.

Windows on my machine hasn't been able to start the system log function
for about 2-3 years -- with MS having no clue and only recommendation
being to upgrade to win10.  I have a few problem the MS was unable to
solve for more than 3 years with similar outcomes.  Very often the
problems aren't fixed, but appear
to be so because some do not trigger frequently.

So if you want reliable debug and monitoring, use another OS like linux to
monitor the flakey windows.

(my 2 cents)....

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