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SSHD Service shuts down after a while after latest library updates

I want to report an issue I see after updating the libraries to the
latest versions. Some of them were security related (CA Certificates,
crypto policies,...)
Unfortunately I do not remember, which exact ones and if that may be a hint.

OS: Win10 1809, Build 17763.475
Issue: CYGWIN sshd service shuts down after a while (~couple of hours)

The service is configured to start automatically and does so on each reboot.
The event viewer does not show any event (for example the "stopped" on
normal shutdowns) - the service is just in shut down state every now and
then and I have to manually start it again.

Logging is unchanged until now in the sshd_config, and uses default
#SyslogFacility AUTH
#LogLevel INFO

Are there any hints on extended log settings to be able analyse further?

Enrico Bertram.

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