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Re: How to become root/root (0/0)

Greetings, LRN!

>>> Again, there's simply no equivalent of "god user" from *NIX in Windows
>>> permissions system.
>> That's not really correct. An account that is a member of the
>> Administrators local group (localized name can be different, SID is
>> S-1-5-32-544) is a root/superuser equivalent.
>> It is true that some objects have permissions that prevent Administrators
>> from accessing them, but any member of Administrators can take
>> ownership/change permissions/run as SYSTEM and access those objects.

> IIRC, even Administrators can't run as SYSTEM. To run as SYSTEM, you need to
> somehow coerce a process that runs as SYSTEM to do something for you. Usually
> achieved by running a [temporary] service and having it do what you want to be
> done.

> Notably, SYSTEM (but not Administrator) can impersonate any other user without
> needing a password

Only locally.
But then again, impersonation versus having an inherent god power.

> (other users can only impersonate with a password - i.e.
> they need to authenticate themselves). In that sense SYSTEM is the true root
> (though there are other high-privilege accounts, such as Trusted Installer and
> Local Service that might be able to do the same things).

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, May 10, 2019 16:53:51

Sorry for my terrible english...

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